Two Souls One Heart : Adrian and Monette's prewedding

HMUA x Menard Catipon | Gown x Louie Pangilinan | Venue x Balay Celina, Liliw Laguna

Monette and Adrian bumped into each other in the hospital where they worked together. Monette is a year senior than Adrian in the department, which is the reason why it took time before they became close.

They started as colleagues, a supervisor and a newbie, and as time went by, they eventually became friends. At first, they rarely talk to each other as they were both the silent type. One day, Adrian realized that what he felt for Monette was not just simple admiration. He made sure to never let a single day pass by, without talking to each other, or even texting each other.

And soon after, they both knew that they were already falling in love with each other. As Adrian puts it, their relationship is not as good as perfect, but is perfectly awesome! On their fifth year together, Adrian thought that it would be the best time to ask Monette if she would like to spend the rest of her life with him. She didn’t answer with a word, just a big smile and a nod… and looking through her beautiful eyes he knew, that her nod and her smile is her way of saying yes.

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