Perfect Timing | Angelo & KC's love story

Angelo and KC's story began in high school. At first it started as simple greetings and smiles exchanged in the hallways. He then started to borrow stuff like rulers, books and journals from her, probably as a guise to get to know her better. Then the long frequent phone calls began. It wasn't an instant romantic connection, but a gradual one, and they soon became lovestruck. Alas, the drama and complications of high school life conspired against them, and they had fallen out after graduation. But destiny has a different plan for them. For 5 years later, coming out of their own failed relationships, they soon found each other again through Friendster. And this time around, something clicked. Maybe it's adulthood or maybe it's the realization that they're ready for a mature and serious relationship, but whatever it is, they knew this time around, it's gonna last. Sure enough, six years later, Angelo finally popped the question to KC and she said yes! Just goes to show that when it comes to love, it doesn't hurt to try again!

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